Hanyue Song
Visual Communication Designer

Coffee Wristband

photo by @coffeewristbands
Blue and white porcelain, or Qing Hua Ci (青花瓷) in Chinese, is a traditional ceramic that has been popular for centuries in China.

The beauty of blue and white porcelain lies in its simplicity, with the contrast between the blue patterns and a white background creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere. Its delicate and intricate designs have made it a symbol of Chinese culture and heritage.

As coffee has become a global phenomenon, it has been incorporated into various cultural practices and customs. When served in a beautiful blue and white porcelain cup, coffee becomes a work of art, bringing a touch of elegance to your daily routine. 

Similarly, blue and white porcelain has been exported across the globe, where it is appreciated for its beauty and artistry. The pairing of blue and white porcelain and coffee makes for a beautiful and harmonious combination, representing a fusion of different cultures and traditions.

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Hanyue Song, 2023